Monday, February 25, 2008

Do I sound Like a Repairman?

Here I am at my desk entering a PO and the phone rings. I lift the reciever.
"Southwest Design and Supply, This is Laura How may I help you"
"Hello. Is Doug Mason there?"
"May I tell him who is calling"
"Yes this is Ken from Jim O'Conner Construction"
"One moment please"

I use the intercom the page Doug
"Doug, Ken from O'conner is on line 2"
"Take a message I'm about to head out"

I pick up the handset again

"Can I take a message for Doug"
"Well maybe you can help me. I'm here at Sunnyslope Elementary and I'm
calling about the (next phrase spoken very slowly) Walk-in freezer
roof top condensing unit"
"Alright is there a number he can reach you at"
"Well the thing is..."

Ok here is the point at which he should realize I'm just the friendly
voice on the other line. I have no idea where sunny slope is or what
on earth a roof top condensing unit might be. I'm assuming it's
upstairs though.

"Well the thing is there is something wrong with it. Hold on"
(Aproximately 4 seconds of silence then KA KLUNK KLUNK KA KLUNK KA KLUNK KLUNK)
"Do you hear that?"
"Yes sir I do"
"Well I'm not sure what it is" *
"Alright, Well I'll get this message to Doug"
"Ok Thanks Laura you have a great afternoon"

*This is where my internal dialogue goes off
(Well Ben I believe that would be cause by a loose bolt in the coil.
I'll be right out with my wrench)

I mean really. Even If I did know what it was or had the possibility
of knowing do you really think I could diagnose it over the phone or
fix it?

1 comment:

John said...

You had told me before, but it was so funny reading it. I love the internal voice and how we must mute it...actually I rather dislike muting it, but I'm usually glad that I do.

I liked it a lot...when will you make fun of more callers?