Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Picture Says it All

Christmas Trees

As you all may know (especially anyone who was involved in the planning of my multiple wedding receptions) I change my mind every five minutes about decorations. Luckily I married Ken who is pretty laid back about it.

We decorated the tree on Sunday after church and then on Monday I saw my friend's beautiful tree and I wanted ours to be different. So we went to the store and got some different decorations (that is a story all in itself) and I redecorated it so here we have the



Needless to say i think the second looks better but both looked better in person the first one had colored lights and 8 random ornaments. The second is green and black with gold glitter stick. A little Nightmare Before Christmast I know. But it's rock and roll baby.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This one is for Loriel

We've done a lot of stuff since the last one. Loriel (my sister in law) was complaining that I haven't updated it. Sometimes I forget about it. Well in the news... We both got financial aid for school WOOHOO! I start in January at MCC and Ken starts in March at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS for short) We're both really excited. I got a promotion at my job and now I'm working int he accounting department and Ken is working driving school busses for Mesa Public Schools. We've been married just about 5 wonderful months and in December we have a trip planned to California. So right now it's just working and saving up for when we'll both be in school. It'll be interesting to see how that all plays out. Our schedules will be quite different. Ken is working on a video with our friend Duane for the Mesa Institute's Academy Award activity. It should be pretty good. I'm working on decorations for Fall. I have a lot of fun making stuff. I've been helping my sister Erin get decorations ready for her Halloween Party this Friday. I'm excited for that. I haven't really dressed up for Halloween in a couple years. We're still trying to figure out what Ken should be. He works at a Haunted House on the weekends but he's too scary for little kids. So he's thinking a Jail Bird or something along those lines. He better decide quick the Party is in 2 Days! Hehe. Other than that we are loving the cooler weather, we even turned off the AC for almost a whole week!!! It's back on now that it's 95 degrees but it was a little victory to have it off. We're looking forward to the cool season.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

May 31st, 2008- The Happiest Day of My Life

So now I'm an Ashton. It's difficult making the transition. People ask me to write my name and I look like an idiot because it's either SmAshton.... or "scribble scribble Ashton" Just depending on how aware I am. People have told me I should use pencil but they don't really let you when you're signing things.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Luchadores Know Very little about Microwaves or Bags of M&M's

So you know how in Pinocchio Jimmeny Cricket is there to be a guide ( i mean he's the conscience right?) Well I don't have a friendly whistling cricket. No, I have luchadores. One wears blue and looks a lot like Nacho. The other wears red with a gold face mask ( strikes a strange resemblance with Ramses ). Well if I have learned one thing from them is that they don't know very much about proper cooking times in a microwave (why would they? they eat raw eagle eggs to summon special powers - if you don't understand the reference you can just go away and read some books). But it's true. They lack very little knowledge on the subject. Let me give you a forinstance: I pull my Michelinas entree from the freezer at work. And i look at the instructions microwave on high for 4 minutes. Ok... that's probably good. ***POOF*** here's the blue luchadore (these are not like your average good vs evil shoulder angels. These are just two dudes who both come up with bad ideas a lot. ) So here is the dialogue that goes down.

Blue: Hey are you really going to cook it for 4 minues? Yesterday when you cooked the same thing that was way too much time.
ME: yeah.... but now it's been in the freezer longer. You know how the lunchroom freezer doubles as a cryogenics lab....
Blue: Point taken. Zap fry it man!!!
***POOF*** (Now we've got the red one too)
Red: Maybe you could do it for a couple minutes then stir it and do a couple more. I know that's worked before
Me: True....
Blue: Zap it
Red: No at least just do the time it says.
Me: Ok i'll make you two a deal I'll do it for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Fair enough?
Blue: Sissy
Red: Wreckless Hooligan

So i pop it in vent the lid and let it go. Needless to say it comes out like shoe leather. So now that my ravioli is nasty I resort to my bag of M&M's. Once again we have our luchadores.

RED: Just rip it open man!!!
Blue: Maybe you should go get the scissors or use that plastic knife there
RED: Scissors are for sissies. Just rip!


plink plank plunk tick a tack tok click

I'm not eating them off the floor......
Well I have my water bottle back at my desk. Thanks Little Luchadores.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do I sound Like a Repairman?

Here I am at my desk entering a PO and the phone rings. I lift the reciever.
"Southwest Design and Supply, This is Laura How may I help you"
"Hello. Is Doug Mason there?"
"May I tell him who is calling"
"Yes this is Ken from Jim O'Conner Construction"
"One moment please"

I use the intercom the page Doug
"Doug, Ken from O'conner is on line 2"
"Take a message I'm about to head out"

I pick up the handset again

"Can I take a message for Doug"
"Well maybe you can help me. I'm here at Sunnyslope Elementary and I'm
calling about the (next phrase spoken very slowly) Walk-in freezer
roof top condensing unit"
"Alright is there a number he can reach you at"
"Well the thing is..."

Ok here is the point at which he should realize I'm just the friendly
voice on the other line. I have no idea where sunny slope is or what
on earth a roof top condensing unit might be. I'm assuming it's
upstairs though.

"Well the thing is there is something wrong with it. Hold on"
(Aproximately 4 seconds of silence then KA KLUNK KLUNK KA KLUNK KA KLUNK KLUNK)
"Do you hear that?"
"Yes sir I do"
"Well I'm not sure what it is" *
"Alright, Well I'll get this message to Doug"
"Ok Thanks Laura you have a great afternoon"

*This is where my internal dialogue goes off
(Well Ben I believe that would be cause by a loose bolt in the coil.
I'll be right out with my wrench)

I mean really. Even If I did know what it was or had the possibility
of knowing do you really think I could diagnose it over the phone or
fix it?